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Fedders Airwell Group - Founded in 1947 by Paul Wallet with its head office and production site near Paris, Airwell, then called L'Air Conditionné Entreprise (ACE), was the first company to design and produce air conditioning units in Europe. Its first cooling systems were designed to cool down industrial processes rather than people. Only three years later, however, ACE started to produce direct expansion air conditioners for residential and light commercial applications which were especially designed for the severe climate conditions in the French African colonies and Middle East countries.

Since then, the Airwell product range has been known for its high reliability, efficiency and quality standards and the company hasn't stopped growing. In contrary to its competitors, Airwell has always focused on air conditioning products, which is certainly one of the reasons for the company's world wide success.

The first air conditioning units manufactured under the Airwell brand in 1950 were window type units. Today, the company's product portfolio is known to be one of the widest in the market including all types of air conditioning equipment covering residential, commercial and industrial applications: mobile and window type units from 4 to 7 kW, terminal fan coil units up to 80 kW in case of direct expansion systems and up to 135 kW in case of water cooled systems, air cooled condensing units up to 150 kW, air cooled and water cooled water chillers up to respectively 1646 kW and 1000 kW as well as water source heat pumps, roof tops and air handling units. Including altogether more than 600 models, the Airwell product range meets the demands of private households, large residential, commercial and industrial applications as well as of niche markets such as propeller fan chilled water units.

fedders air conditioning heating repair txBesides Airwell, the most important brands of the Airwell Group are Electra, Fedders and Wesper. Products sold under the Airwell brand covering the complete range of residential and commercial applications in different markets. The products sold under Wesper brand name are mainly commercial products, while Electra products are mainly residential ones. Airwell Group recently acquired the Fedders brand which is used to fulfil customers product needs in the US residential and unitary markets.

Fedders Portrait - Airwell-Fedders North America, Inc. offers a full line of heating and air conditioning products. All heat pump and air conditioners are 13 SEER rated. The furnace line offers models of 80% single stage and variable speed two stage in the 80% as well as the 95% models. The room air line covers the range of 5,000 through 32,000 btus and includes portables, through the wall and room air with both heat and cooling modes.

Fedders has been a recognized name in the heating and air conditioning community for many years. Beginning as a room air company, Fedders has evolved to a full line of residential products.

Fedders was purchased by The Airwell Group of Paris France, a subsidiary of ELCO Holdings, Ltd. in March, 2008. It has been a time to regroup and more importantly, define Airwell-Fedders North America's vision to insightfully move forward in the marketplace. The company has met this challenge with an innovative approach of meaningful programs and products designed to differentiate itself from others in the industry.

fedders air conditioning heating texas txIn addition, The Airwell Group has given Airwell-Fedders North America a mandate to match the parent company's worldwide commitment of becoming the preeminent environmentally friendly HVAC manufacturer in the western hemisphere. It's a tall order but one which the company has made the commitment. The industry will be seeing more and more innovation from Airwell-Fedders with our products and programs as we move forward to reach this mandate.

Headquartered in Monroe Township, NJ, the company's distribution center is in Edwardsville, MO. Manufacturing is accomplished in factories located in Barlassina, Italy, Pons, France, Tilleres, France, Shenzhen, China, Rishon Le Zion, Israel, and Aires Del Sur, Argentina.


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