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Comfort, Function and Style—for 127 Years - For 127 years, Friedrich has been in the business of making people more comfortable.

Today the company is known for manufacturing premium room air conditioning and cooling/heating products, but back in 1883, Friedrich’s founders were first interested in designing furniture from the horns of longhorn cattle. The curves of the horns formed chairs and settees that were not only popular as Texas home décor but also served as functional, comfortable pieces of furniture.

Collections of the Friedrich longhorn furniture are housed in the San Antonio Museum of Art and the historic Buckhorn Saloon and Museum. Started by Ed Friedrich’s brother, Albert, the Buckhorn Saloon was frequented in its heyday by such notables as Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders.

friedrich air conditioning heating repair txForerunner of the Refrigerator - Ed Friedrich, quite the innovator of his time, turned his attention to handcrafted products such as store fixtures, wood billiard tables and fine, carved cabinetry. Eventually these products were phased out as Ed realized there was a great necessity for more easily preserving food. He subsequently invented the first, rather primitive refrigerator—a true stroke of genius considering the importance of the refrigerator in today’s society.

In the late 1800s, ice was used in early, non-electric refrigerators for keeping food cool—a great idea until the temperatures in Texas spiked to over 100 degrees. Ed’s next version was a bunker-type refrigerator that concealed the ice blocks, followed by salt brine freezer cases that provided lower cooling temperatures.

Soon it was determined that there was a need for some type of mechanical refrigeration and the forerunner of the modern refrigerator was invented.

Friedrich Grows into One of Largest - By 1950, Friedrich had become one of the world’s largest manufacturers of commercial refrigeration equipment. To capitalize on this well-deserved reputation, the company entered the field of room air conditioners. The first 500 floating air window units came off the assembly line in 1952 and sales began to climb.

The most recognizable products are Friedrich room (window or through-the-wall) air conditioners, known for their quality and dependability. Quite a few of these original units are still in operation—some five decades later!

Growth of the domestic and international markets for commercial refrigeration and room air conditioners prompted construction of Friedrich Plant No. 3, a two-story, 600,000-square-feet facility.

friedrich heating air conditioning repair texas txIn January, 1971 Friedrich moved to its present location on Pan Am Expressway in San Antonio, once part of Fort Sam Houston where the corporate offices remain. In 2006, Friedrich began production at a new, state-of-the art manufacturing facility in Monterrey, Mexico in order to remain the sole North American manufacturer of room air conditioners.

New Products Showcase Innovation, Energy Conservation - In 2010, a new line of Friedrich room air conditioners, Kühl and Kühl+, entered the marketplace. Not only are the Kühl products technologically advanced but they also feature a sleek design and interchangeable front panels in six designer colors—a concept that no other U.S. manufacturer currently offers.

When Ed Friedrich started his business, he thought of ways to conserve energy by building a quality product. He crafted an icebox to better conserve a natural resource—ice. Many of the features in the new Friedrich products allow consumers to program settings and maximize energy savings.

In addition to its own efforts at energy conservation, Friedrich is a proud partner of ENERGY STAR, one of the world’s leading organizations promoting energy efficiency and sustainability and the company adheres to strict European RoHS standards that restrict use of hazardous materials in the manufacturing process.


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